Overall I enjoyed watching thIs. I’m a huge baseball fan, and sports movies are all pretty similar. Obviously the story was glamorized, but there were a few truths that stood out to me. Firstly, and I feel they downplayed it as much as possible, the only reason he was allowed into baseball was a monetary one. I did catch a quote from Ford, to the effect of no matter what color the money comes from, it’s always green. And that truth hits close with the equality battles being fought in our own times. But back to the movie! My favorite character from the story was honestly his wife. She gave me a constant feeling of optimism (even though I obviously knew what was going to happen) through all the things going against them. The way Robinson was portrayed was a very human look at the internal struggles we face between what is right now, and what’s truly right and worthwhile. I will say that the whole movie felt rather rushed and shortened, even with its long run time. There were quite a few things that begged to be looked at closer, and had to hold more importance than what they were given. Also, there were quite a few relationships that didn’t feel genuine, due to the fact that the characters didn’t developed them on screen, and their closeness had to be assumed by the viewer. Another truth that shone from this was the look at how passive good people are.  With few exceptions, it always seems like those with good morals never speak out for them. They’d rather sit by and watch than join a fight, so the heroes always have tougher odds than if people were just honest and supportive. But, the story was one worth seeing, especially if you don’t know much about Jackie, or about the progression of sports organizations. Probably wont watch again, but not bad.


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