Wait, the world didn’t end?!


Based on everything I heard, the world was supposed to have ended by now. Something huge was supposed to happen and I’m a little vexed that it didn’t. Dreaming up all the preparations I would need, the only thing I wasn’t ready for was an average life.

It sucks. No zombies, no war, no explosions, no aliens, no Mayans, no crumbling of the infrastructure, and most upsetting: no revolution. Nothing. How can this be? All I’ve ever heard is that you should always be ready, because anything can happen. But nobody told us how to be ready for nothing to happen.

The truth is, that nothing most likely will happen. Save your money, the banks aren’t going anywhere yet. Make real preparations for your future, because gunslinging nomad isn’t a viable career choice. I have a hard time accepting this myself, and as fantastical as it would be, those things are just fantasy.

But who can blame us for wishing for the end of days? It sounds so glamorous! A world where money is meaningless! Work and barter would be the only currency accepted, gold only being useful when formed into a weapon or tool. Now, the realist in me knows it wouldn’t be the least bit glamorous, but its hard to not want to see your hard work pay off.

They told me to work hard and anything can be mine. The more I look, the more I see how much of an evil lie that is. Hard work does not guarantee anything in this world other than minimum wage. Which grants you a quality of life equal to shit. Complete shit. A life filled with choices you never wanted to make. Food or electricity? A vehicle or a home? Nothing’s ever going to be free.

Like it or not, we live in a world where a wild carrot will cost more than artificially produced carrot flavored anything with yellow 5 and red 2 to make it orange. How that system works I won’t even attempt to pretend I know. What I do know is I’m well aware of it, and its intrinsically wrong. There is no reason that for me to cook a meal with normal, natural ingredients costs more money than to shove already prepared (by somebody being paid to) beef flavored msg into my gut.

And people wonder how the low income are so obese! The only food that’s affordable offers next to no nutrition, and is so overprocessed that your body doesn’t even bother trying to digest it, opting to store it for the much needed fuel it isn’t getting. It’s a fucking gross cycle for your body.

fun fact: the human body can “survive” on a diet of only potatoes and butter!

So is there anyone that can explain to me how we’ve become this? How we are the only living creatures who have to pay to be alive? That a metal no more useful (albeit prettier) than another dictates our survival? That an income is necessary just to be allowed to go to sleep at night?

I have an idea. We dream of an apocalypse because it means we can live a life that is true to our nature.


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