A Worrying Coincidence Indeed!


Watch the skies tonight kids! There are two pretty rare, yet unrelated, events happening in the world of space right now! SCIENCE!

Firstly, as you may have heard, tonight is a Blue Moon. So whatever it is that you like to only do once in a blue moon, can be totally justified tonight! So go crazy! But watch out for the crazies, it’s a full moon after all.

A lesser known thing happening tonight: A dangerous solar flare from the sun is expected to hit the Earth. I stumbled across this interesting tidbit today, and knowing it was a blue moon (love that astrology crap!) thought to myself that it was a scary concept. Now, this solar flare is only expected to intensify the auroras, and maybe cause geomagnetic storms. Mild ones. Supposedly? I really hope so? What?!

My second thought was that whoever lives in places where the northern and southern lights are visible, are extremely lucky to see not only a rare aurora, but a blue moon at the same time.  (I’m not sure if the blue moon only applies to us northern hemispherians or not?) What I wouldn’t do to hop a plane to Canada right now!

Anyways, here’s the link to the solar flare article, as they can do a much better job at explaining the works.


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