Movie Review: Miss Representation


If you haven’t seen this movie yet, watch it. Not just women, either. Everyone should be required to see this. If the facts in this film don’t move you or make you seriously concerned, you have no soul. No foolin.

America’s international standing when it comes to women’s rights and women in politics is appalling and made me ashamed to be a woman here. 90th. That’s America’s ranking for the amount of women in office among all countries. 90th!? And to top it off, 65% of countries have had a female leader, and the US is not included. For a world superpower we absolutely suck at equality. It’s disgusting and it needs to change!

Wendy Davis for President!

The film covered a lot of topics that came as no surprise to me, mostly involving objectification and ridiculous standards held for girls. And if you are a girl, they shouldn’t surprise you either. The fact that women are expected to be sex objects, charming, and beautiful or else isn’t shocking to anybody unless you have never paid attention to anything ever.

Men, you should see this movie. And stop griping. Just watch it, and see what the words and actions of you and your peers is doing to the other half of the population. And sorry but not sorry, you are all guilty of it in some way. But maybe if you saw what the things you say and think about women caused, you would think a bit differently.

Now, if you are one of the many people who believe equality is already a thing in the US, you are sadly mistaken. While this country was at the front lines of civil justice 50 years ago, we fell behind very far since then. The fact that women’s reproductive rights are being argued and mandated by a group of almost exclusively men should be more than enough proof of that.
This movie made me feel as if there’s nothing I can do to change it. So I feel the need to share it. Please just educate yourselves, and if more people could stop ignoring our problems, maybe someday we can admit them and perhaps even attempt to change. And change is something we need to stop resisting. Things AREN’T going well in the world, so can we work together and fix them?


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Miss Representation

  1. I agree that the United States need to work harder at removing the glass ceiling in every aspect. However, we do not want just any female to be President or a member of Congress…we want someone who is going to work towards achieving equality for all citizens. I will be sure to find that movie and watch it. 😀

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