About this Crisis

So, about me… well…..uhhhhh……..hmmm……um……I like dogs? I’ve never been very good at describing myself when it counts, but I do try to say exactly what I mean, and I don’t like saying things that don’t need to be. I can say why I started this blog though. Most of the reason I can’t always describe myself is because I can’t really sum myself up into anything. I’m still figuring out who I am, or will be, or have been. But I felt like I needed this. I need to start getting things out. I’m not a trained writer, but I am an avid reader, and I feel like I have pretty firm grasp on language. (English anyways) So, it can’t be the worst thing on the Internet! There’s a lot of dreams and opinions floating around taking up space in my brain, and it’s about time to do something about it. A way for me to materialize these thoughts, that are obviously important enough to take up so much of my mind. Maybe these thoughts can turn into just passages, just an outsourcing of clutter from my consciousness. Or maybe something will happen? Maybe one of these ideas can move someone, even me, into making a change, or actually DOING. One idea could manifest itself into action, and the spark of revolution could ignite the souls of others, showing what deep down is a need we all share. We’re all reaching for something, whether it be each other, answers, change, happiness, the beginning or the end. I’m tired of just surviving, I want to reach out. Something is very wrong in the world we live in, but if the deep and terrifying truths we hold inside cant get out, how will we really admit to the problem and solve it?



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