What can I get you?

The single most used sentence of my life….

If you’d asked me what I’d say more than any other thing when I was young, I would have told you ‘no more autographs, please.’ But seriously, I would never have guessed correctly. Yet here I am, and in the past ten years or so, I’ve been a slave to that very question. For a long time, I was ok with it. There’s nothing wrong with someone waiting tables and tending bar until they figure out what to do with their lives. Which brings me to the conundrum, when exactly is that???

I know there’s no age limit on following your dreams and figuring out what you should do, but I’ve definitely missed where to start. The more time that passes is directly related to how difficult it seems to get started. This whole surviving and getting by thing I’ve got a decent grasp on, but something just has to come next! Doesn’t it?

Oh well, that was more that you came here for. Sorry about that. What can I get for you?



A Worrying Coincidence Indeed!


Watch the skies tonight kids! There are two pretty rare, yet unrelated, events happening in the world of space right now! SCIENCE!

Firstly, as you may have heard, tonight is a Blue Moon. So whatever it is that you like to only do once in a blue moon, can be totally justified tonight! So go crazy! But watch out for the crazies, it’s a full moon after all.

A lesser known thing happening tonight: A dangerous solar flare from the sun is expected to hit the Earth. I stumbled across this interesting tidbit today, and knowing it was a blue moon (love that astrology crap!) thought to myself that it was a scary concept. Now, this solar flare is only expected to intensify the auroras, and maybe cause geomagnetic storms. Mild ones. Supposedly? I really hope so? What?!

My second thought was that whoever lives in places where the northern and southern lights are visible, are extremely lucky to see not only a rare aurora, but a blue moon at the same time.  (I’m not sure if the blue moon only applies to us northern hemispherians or not?) What I wouldn’t do to hop a plane to Canada right now!

Anyways, here’s the link to the solar flare article, as they can do a much better job at explaining the works.

Wait, the world didn’t end?!


Based on everything I heard, the world was supposed to have ended by now. Something huge was supposed to happen and I’m a little vexed that it didn’t. Dreaming up all the preparations I would need, the only thing I wasn’t ready for was an average life.

It sucks. No zombies, no war, no explosions, no aliens, no Mayans, no crumbling of the infrastructure, and most upsetting: no revolution. Nothing. How can this be? All I’ve ever heard is that you should always be ready, because anything can happen. But nobody told us how to be ready for nothing to happen.

The truth is, that nothing most likely will happen. Save your money, the banks aren’t going anywhere yet. Make real preparations for your future, because gunslinging nomad isn’t a viable career choice. I have a hard time accepting this myself, and as fantastical as it would be, those things are just fantasy.

But who can blame us for wishing for the end of days? It sounds so glamorous! A world where money is meaningless! Work and barter would be the only currency accepted, gold only being useful when formed into a weapon or tool. Now, the realist in me knows it wouldn’t be the least bit glamorous, but its hard to not want to see your hard work pay off.

They told me to work hard and anything can be mine. The more I look, the more I see how much of an evil lie that is. Hard work does not guarantee anything in this world other than minimum wage. Which grants you a quality of life equal to shit. Complete shit. A life filled with choices you never wanted to make. Food or electricity? A vehicle or a home? Nothing’s ever going to be free.

Like it or not, we live in a world where a wild carrot will cost more than artificially produced carrot flavored anything with yellow 5 and red 2 to make it orange. How that system works I won’t even attempt to pretend I know. What I do know is I’m well aware of it, and its intrinsically wrong. There is no reason that for me to cook a meal with normal, natural ingredients costs more money than to shove already prepared (by somebody being paid to) beef flavored msg into my gut.

And people wonder how the low income are so obese! The only food that’s affordable offers next to no nutrition, and is so overprocessed that your body doesn’t even bother trying to digest it, opting to store it for the much needed fuel it isn’t getting. It’s a fucking gross cycle for your body.

fun fact: the human body can “survive” on a diet of only potatoes and butter!

So is there anyone that can explain to me how we’ve become this? How we are the only living creatures who have to pay to be alive? That a metal no more useful (albeit prettier) than another dictates our survival? That an income is necessary just to be allowed to go to sleep at night?

I have an idea. We dream of an apocalypse because it means we can live a life that is true to our nature.

Lets get it started!

I love the smell of a brand new blog in the morning!

Taking a look back at all the different ways the Internet and I have been together over the years really puts a lot of things in perspective. It all started with a disc in the mail. 100 free hours!! How could a person even spend that much time on the Internet?! Apparently it was a lot easier than we all thought, as the web slowly took over every piece of our life that could be turned into an endless stream of ones and zeros.

There was a time when what my AIM away message said about me as person was the most important thing in my young Internet life. I was addicted, and thirsted for constant new information. The Internet and I grew up together, discovering new things everyday. Keywords became web addresses. AIM became Livejournal, became Deadjournal, became MySpace, became Facebook, became 140 characters to describe everything you are as an online entity, all tied back to just one person, real and tangible, who has yet to make a difference in this world.

The instant connection of our lives has become a normal custom, with the way we interact as human beings on a whole becoming faster and broader. I can’t help but feel like we’ve really forgotten our humble beginnings. And everything has a beginning, no? That’s not what today is about though. Today is about today, so lets bring this back to the future.

Redundancy, redundancy, redundancy.

I find it hard to believe that I’m the only one that’s noticed the unbearable amount of redundancy online. There’s an overload of content barraging you daily that you’ve already seen a hundred times. Its become a sport to find that needle of real information in a haystack of 1800 of the same article with different paraphrasing. The only time it feels interesting is when contradictions between them begin to update and copy each other, striving to be the most popular blue type you click on in the search for truth. Yet, it’s laughable and naive to believe a word until six months later, after the Internet has lost interest, to find out what really happened.

For example, remember the anthrax scare? Totally not terrorists.

Its not all bad though. The bludgeoning redundancy of “important” information has made a large group of people much more well informed than they would ever strive towards. It also showcases the vastly ignorant, rarely intelligent, trolling opinions of every other person who has just ingested this new information along with you. I find myself daily getting sucked into the comments of an issue.

“What did you see in this article about a cat in a wheelchair that made you so strongly want to kill the president?!!”

Am I missing something here? Or did everyone forget that thoughts live in your brain? Because as far as I knew, you don’t say things that don’t need to be heard. I know it’s hard to admit it to yourself, but really, nobody cares right now. This has nothing to do with that!

But it doesn’t matter where you go online, there will be at least one racist, one troll, one grammar nazi (guilty!), one prayer, one share or die in ten days, one weight loss secret, and one very just confused person for every single well thought out opinion or thought. Why can’t people see that just because they can go anywhere does not mean that they necessarily should. There is a place in this web tailored to you, I guarantee it. All this overload of opinions does is show off how very poor the intelligence of the majority is.

in all honesty though, I can’t bring myself to believe that’s really how things are. I hold out hope that the intelligent, honest, and good people are just holding their tongues. Maybe tact isn’t a lost art, but in full use, keeping itself politely hidden. Wisely waiting for that moment when it is the time to speak out. When things have boiled over to the point where a change of consciousness is the only option left. Then we will speak. Then we WILL change the world for the better.